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10 代はバスケットボールに専念して過ごすが、怪我で選手生命を絶たれた後、坂本龍一や Moshimoss に影響を受け、23 歳のとき独学でピアノを始める。


2016 年にカナダ・モントリオールの Moderna Records に見出され、初のソロピアノアルバム "Ichiru" をリリース。

このアルバムは 7000 万回以上の再生回数を達成し、2019 年には Spotifyで最も再生された作品TOP10 にチャートインを果たした。

現在 Spotify だけで 1 億 2 千万回以上のストリーミングを記録している。


そのほかにも EP "Ouka" (2019)、EP "Sayuru" (2021)、アルバム "Satori" (2022)をリリース。


2023年には、ユニバーサル・ミュージック、そしてイギリスの Mercury KX と契約し、


Priscilla Ahnをゲストに迎えたメジャーデビューアルバム "Journey Through Memories" を発表した。



A basketball player turned self-taught musical artist.

Known globally for his gently crafted, his ornate melodies on felted piano, taking inspiration from the quiet stillness found in his memories of living in Japan. 

Daigo Hanada spent his youth as a basketball player, but after an injury halted his athletic career, he struggled to find his new path in life. It was then when he discovered artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Moshimoss, and he turned to the piano as a medium to voice his inner solace.

He taught himself to play the piano at age 23 whilst not knowing how to read or write sheet music. Since then, he was discovered by Moderna Records in 2016, and grew to be a critical and commercial phenomenon, reaching over 70M streams across tracks and charting in Japan’s most-played pieces on Spotify in 2019.

Also increasingly sought after as a remix artist with credits including Aukai, Michael A. Muller, Lullatone, Illuminine & Marble Sounds, Matt Emery, John Hayes & Maxy Dutcher, and more.

In 2023, he signed with Universal Music as well as London based label Mercury KX and announced his major debut album "Journey Through Memories".

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