Daigo Hanada is a pianist/composer from Tokyo, Japan.


Hanada was first introduced to music by the influence of his late grandmother who was a koto player.

From an early age Hanada took piano lessons under Japanese pianist Akiko Takahashi for a few years, which later led him to further immerse himself into music and to become self taught. 


In 2017, Hanada released his first solo album 'Ichiru' from Moderna Records.

Ichiru is a collection of his ideas, thoughts, and all the feelings he experienced in the one year leading up to his debut.

In 2019, he released the EP 'Ouka' which portrays the image of nature in its different facets such as rain falling on leaves, birds singing, and the cold wind under the starry sky.

Daigo Hanadaは、東京都出身のピアニスト/作曲家。





2015年からベルリンで作曲活動を開始し、2017年にカナダ・モントリオールのModerna Recordsから初のソロアルバム 'Ichiru' をリリース。

2019年には、 'Ouka' (EP) を同レーベルからリリースした。

Ichiru は、内から湧き出る感情を表現した作品であるのに対し、Ouka は、自然など外から感じたものを表現した作品である。

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